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Ton Yon market


Thai people are well known in Southeast Asia for their talent and creativity. Everywhere in Thailand, you can find beautiful handcrafted products being made and sold. During my trip to Chiang Mai, I had the chance to visit Ton Yon market - a cultural walking street focused on indigo and cotton.

Tucked away from the busy city centre, this market is located next to Meena - a popular restaurant known for their rice dishes using seasonal and local ingredients. The street outside is decorated with thousands of lovely white and blue flags. You can visit many pop up stalls and shops on both sides of the street. One of my favourite shops here is Slowstitch Studio, a textile studio specializing in naturally dyed textiles. Each of their works is individually hand-dyed using botanical colours, natural fibres and a blend of traditional and contemporary dyeing techniques.


I deeply admire all the artists and craftsmen who can keep a delicate balance between doing what they love and making a living at the same time. I feel fortunate for all of the time I’ve spent in Chiang Mai, living the slow life and getting to learn some crafting techniques. Do yourself a favour and definitely don’t miss this market! Surely you will love all the handmade and indigo items here!

Kim Anh Doan