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Green Around The Corner

There might come a day when you are tired of fighting for a seat at one of the popular cafes you found on social media, a day when you just want to take a long walk through the neighborhood with the hope of finding a nice and chill corner… if that day comes, please come find your way to Green Around The Corner (GATC), I promise you won’t be disappointed.

This cafe/shop is located on a small street in the midst of a modest residential area. Despite a distinctive set of green flags hung outside, you may not immediately know there’s a cafe here unless you open the front door (which is usually slightly closed to block the blazing hot sun) and take a peek. Once inside you'll see for yourself why I treasure this little hidden gem dearly.

The concept behind GATC is to promote sustainable and zero waste living. There are green plants everywhere, white walls, and high windows to maximize natural light. You can find a lot of interesting items there from herbal shampoos and soaps, bags made from natural materials, clothing brands such as Linda Mai Phung and Pilgrim, stainless steel and eco friendly glass straws… so much to discover!

There are only 5 tables inside the lovely cafe, meaning the space will never be too crowded or noisy. Outside, you could spend a peaceful morning in the backyard area, having a sip of coffee under the shade of the mango tree. GATC doesn't have an overwhelming menu but it’s clear everything is carefully selected to suit the healthy living lifestyle they believe in. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new potted plant friend or a tasty popsicle treat to cool you down, GATC has got you covered!


Green Around the Corner

23 Street 61, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Hochiminh city, Vietnam


Words & Photos by Kim & Scott Cordeiro. 

Kim Anh Doan