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Mulberry syrup recipe

This time of the year is the mulberry season in Vietnam, you may come across some ladies carry baskets of black mulberries on the street. They are my favorite summer food, I love adding them to smoothies and make into drinks.

Mulberry syrup recipe:
1 kg ripe mulberries
0.5 kg organic sugar


  • Gently wash mulberries at least 3 times, do not soak in water.
  • Cook mulberries with sugar in pan on low heat until sugar is completely dissolved (water is not needed).
  • Keep cooking for 10 minutes on very low heat.
  • Turn off heat, cover pan and let cool.
  • Finally, transfer to mason jar and store in refrigerator.

To drink:
Combine syrup with water (or soda water) and ice before serving.

Kim Anh Doan